A Best of the Rest of Lana Del Rey Part 3

Just over four months after A Best of the Rest of Lana Del Rey Part 2 we have Part 3 from the ever generous and unique Miss Grant. It is as varied as ever but also generally stranger than parts 1 and 2. Some of it dates back to at least 2010, but it kicks off with two excellent recent covers of songs by Leonard Cohen and then a great duet with her beau on Summer Wine from Lee Hazlewood. The likes of Queen of Disaster and Party Girl are very much poptastic guilty pleasures though the latter has a great set of lyrics. Much of the rest is brilliantly amusing and rather strange with even a bit of Bollywood. Beautiful Player and the Princess Superstar produced gangsta Bond style Golden Grill from 2009 are two of her finest moments. Is it Wrong? could have been on Part 2 but this more recent version is slowed down and works much better, and Hawaiian Tropic takes the chorus of the not so good Every Man Gets His Wish and makes something more substantial. Later on, there are probable Paradise out-takes like Starry Eyed and Angels Forever, which would not be out of place on the extended version of  Born to Die. It ends with the gorgeous Black Beauty a demo of a track that is rumoured to be on the upcoming LP. Check it all out via Grooveshark on the Moon below:

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Update: Sadly Grooveshark has expired so below it is now embedded using the BTNT player

It should work on PC, Tablet or Mobile. It does not expand to show all 21 tracks but you can scroll through them and click on each track to play them, and the bottom left had box will play and pause the playlist. If you double click on the timer bar, it will FW or RW.

UPDATE! The Epic and Poptastic Part 2 is now available again via BTNT

Part 1 is also now available again via Soundcloud as is Sparkle Jump Queen and Sirens Extended via BTNT. All of the songs are on either Ubend or Soundcloud.