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All posts with playlists are listed alphabetically by artist below, along with the pre-blog A Best of's from the beginning of free registration Spotify in the UK.

You can also bring your playlists from various platforms together using Soundiiz where you can also move playlists between Spotify, Deezer, Groove and YouTube and others. It was a bit clunky but it has recently been upgraded and it is a great improvement.

If you are a Deezer subscriber or just prefer it and you want to import any of the Spotify playlists than you can with Spotizr

The BTNT playlists are exclusive to The Moon

A Best of 2016  Constructed on Groove, but presented via Spotify
A Best of 2015  On Spotify or Deezer
A Best of 2014  On Spotify or Deezer
A Best of 2013  On Spotify or Deezer
A Best of 2012  Was on the Moon via Grooveshark but has a link to the Spotify version.
On Spotify only:
A Best of 2011
A Best of 2010
A Best of 2009

A Best of Dark Britannia Part 1 - Various artists doing Spookfolk
And also Part 2 

Arctic Monkeys:
If You've Found This it's Probably Too Late A Best of the Rest of the Arctic Monkeys
Originally this was on Grooveshark but is now via Spotify bar 2 tracks that are embedded via Ubend.

Billy Bragg
A Very Best of Billy Bragg on the Moon and More
A Top 40 plus links to the essential Billy Bragg vols 1-5 and a best of the Mermaid Avenue Albums with Wilco. All via Spotify.

An Imaginary Soundtrack from Blur on the Moon This was originally available on Grooveshark but is now mainly on Spotify with 3 tracks embedded at the end via Ubend. 
A Very Best of Blur on the Moon via Spotify or Deezer and updated to include tracks from the Magic Whip

Boo Radleys:
Giant Steps Moon Mix on Deezer and Spotify with also a link to the Moon Mix of their previous album Everything's Alright Forever also on Deezer or Spotify.

Brave Captain: (Martin Carr from the Boo Radleys):
A Best of Brave Captain via Spotify

The Coral:
The Coral 2013 via Spotify

Damon Albarn:
Damon Albarn OBE and Tee Heavy Seas (mostly) Live on The Moon via BTNT

Gorillaz Live on The Moon via BTNT

James :
Live Acoustic exclusive to the Moon  via BTNT and Laid extended via Spotify

Julian Cope:
A Best of Black Sheep/Psychedelic Revolution on Spotify

Lana Del Rey:
Sirens Extended 
Sparkle Jump Queen and No Kung Fu 
A Best of the Rest of Lana Del Rey Part 1 
A Best of the Rest of Lana Del Rey Part 2 
A Best of the Rest of Lana Del Rey Part 3 
A Best of the Rest of Lana Del Rey Part 4 

all exclusive to The Moon via BTNT

A Yorkshire Treasure - a best of Pulp and Jarvis Cocker on the Moon Via Spotify

Rilo Kiley:
A Best of Rilo Kiley on The Moon - Mostly on Spotify but a bit on Ubend

Ryan Adams:
Live and Acoustic 35 tracks taken from Live after Deaf and Live at Carnegie Hall via Spotify which are generally either very different or an improvement to the studio version or both

Re-Demolition on the Moon - A best of his classic unreleased albums exclusive to the Moon via the BTNT player

Valerie June:
A Best of the Rest of Valerie June on the Moon via Deezer or Spotify

A Best of Wilco - Was on Grooveshark, but also on Deezer and Spotify with a link to a best of the Mermaid Avenue Albums with Billy Bragg.

Teenage Fanclub:
A best of on Spotify

The Wind-Up Birds
A Best of the Wind-Up Birds on Spotify

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