Moon Sections, Feeds and Alerts

The main feed for The Moon is:

It combines the feeds of The Moon Blogger posts with the "Shares" from SybfromtheMoon Tumblr - thanks to MailChimp's chimpfeedr

The slight downside of the RSS option is that the media is not as rich from the Tumblr feed, so for a feed reader you would be best subscribing to both feeds separately, or if you just want the posts and not the "shares" or the other way round...

Moon Posts    - email alerts

Moon Shares - email alerts


There are also feeds for posts from each Section of The Moon. Each feed also has an email alert option.

A Bit of Culture            - email alerts
In The News                 - email alerts
Music                            - email alerts
The Ecomomy Stupid  - email alerts
Unsocial Media            - email alerts
Untech                         - email alerts

You can also sign up to more feeds and alerts with similar sections over on Moonblogsfromsyb

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